Outreach & Public engagement

ESRs outreach activities that create awareness of their research work among the general public.

  • ESR Irene Sanchez presenting Save the Astronaut at UKON's Physics Day

  • ESR Edouard Ivanov explaining the principles of a simple optomechanical experiment at “Fête de la science” at Sorbonne Université

  • ESR Khannan Rajendran demonstrating IR Spectroscopy: Pulse oximeter (under demonstration in the background). Raman : Beer analyser (on table). Visible : Grating-dispersion setup (on the right)

  • ESR Mohammad Bereyhi demnonstrating tuning forks at Nuits de la Science

  • ESR Tirth Shah demonstrating laser sword soccer at MPL day

  • ESR Paolo Piergentili UNICAM lab tour

  • Save the Astronaut at UKON Long Nights of Science

  • ESR Giuseppe Modica CNRS-C2N lab tour