Edouard Ivanov

Nationality : Belgian and Romanian

Academic background

  • July 2017 – Master of Physics (MPhys) – University of Bath (UK)

PhD topic and brief description

  • My PhD project aims at creating a transducer capable of converting microwave photons into optical photons. The objective is to interface superconducting quantum circuits, at cryogenic temperatures, to standard telecom signals readable by any computer, at room temperature. Achieving this would greatly reduce thermal decoherence, and increase the stability of the signal. This is achieved by first coupling a microwave resonator to a mechanical nanomembrane, converting the microwave photons to mechanical phonons. This membrane will be a part of a high-finesse optical Fabry-Pérot cavity, transferring the signal to optical photons.

Email : edouard.ivanov@lkb.upmc.fr