Sampo Saarinen

Nationality : Finnish

Academic background

  • 2014, MSc - Theoretical Physics - University of Helsinki, Finland
  • 2013, BSc - Engineering Physics - Aalto University, Finland

PhD topic and brief description

  • My research concerns electro-optomechanical (EOM) transduction in both quantum and classical regime. In the quantum regime, we aim to realize quantum-limited conversion and entanglement of photons and phonons. We intend to introduce a fiber-optical cavity, and a superconducting microwave resonator that recycle, respectively, the optical and microwave photons that interrogate a mechanical device. In the classical regime, we are developing a compact integrated EOM system based on a highly stressed dielectric membrane with engineered phononic density of states to detect and measure ultralow signals. The above effects are then exploited to test novel protocols to transduce mechanical displacement and electromagnetic fields.

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