Hossein Masalehdan

Nationality : Iranian

Academic background

  • 2016, M.S. – Physics (Optics & Laser) – Azarbaijan SM University, Iran. & Tampere University of Technology, Finland
  • 2012, B.S. – Engineering Physics (Optics & Laser) – IAU, Iran

PhD topic and brief description

  • My research project seeks to experimentally realize quantum state tomography of the motion of a membrane. I will investigate how squeezed light reflected off the membrane affects its state of motion. I will perform laser and quantum optical experiments as outlined in the OMT project description of UHAM. Part of my work includes the alignment of laser beams to a membrane-in-the-middle setup with squeezed light at room temperature, as well as the alignment of the balanced homodyne detector. I will set up passive and active laser noise suppressions and will measure the noise spectral density of the membrane motion from about 50kHz to 500kHz. I will realize a suitable data acquisition system, which provides measurement data for tomographic reconstruction of the membrane’s quantum state. This step will be done in collaboration with a theory group (Dr. Haixing Miao, University of Birmingham).

Email : hmasaleh@physnet.uni-hamburg.de